Functional Expertise

Our team members take a hands-on, execution-focused approach for our stakeholder clients. We leverage our relationships and resources to deliver the optimum solution to our clients. We are truly global-minded professionals that understand how to balance corporate objectives, capital markets and international laws with local culture, languages and relationship dynamics. The AxeaGroup brings together recognized expertise in financial management, international business development, business operations, and global inter-cultural communications capabilities.

Our core team and advisors have a combined history of over 175 years in international banking, international corporate finance, investment banking, private equity management, sales, marketing, business development, operations, general management, corporate strategy and business development, and change management.


Industry Sectors Include: Banking, IT and telecom, commodities, financial services, consumer goods manufacturing, mining, legal services, oil and gas, food distribution, agro-chemical, agricultural production, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure/development, government contracting, defense, consulting, retail, aviation, real estate and consumer goods.

Please contact us for a detailed qualifications statement and relevant team bios.