Private Equity Advisory Services

The AxeaGroup provides proven private equity advisory and strategic corporate consulting services that improve operational and financial performance based upon “metrics –based” objectives. Senior-level operating partners with US multi-national corporate experience in Latin America and verifiable previous successes, ensure that all business issues and circumstances are addressed promptly with identifiable performance enhancements.

We work alongside company management as “added value operating partners” to create new performance and growth plans utilizing new private equity capital.

Our in-country operating teams, consisting of Account Executive for Origination, Executive in Residence, and Performance Enhancement Advisors, address liquidity concerns, review financial business plan assumptions and projections, assist in implementation of operational restructuring, and creation of a 100 Day Plan – post closing.

We provide advice on specific aspects of growth and turnaround initiatives and processes and help manage complex constituency relations and communications. Our proven experience, combined with the recognition of urgency and the willingness to travel internationally, result in a ‘boots-on-the ground’ approach – our formula for achieving the best possible outcome.

Private Equity (PE) Advisory Services Include:

Capital Formation
  • Representation of family offices, institutional investors, and private equity funds (New York, Stamford, Boston, London, Bahrain, Dubai) investing in mid market small and medium enterprises (SME's) in Latin America under-served by traditional sources of capital in North America, South America, and the Middle East
  • Navigation of  private equity relationships and databases to match the right investor to the right opportunity, thus ensuring deal closings on a timely basis
  • In-depth due diligence processes based upon the International Limited Partners Association (ILPA) and global private equity standards
  • Proprietary Buy side/Sell side non-auction transactions
  • Helping clients achieve liquidity through a minimum 51% or more sale or divestiture or through a recapitalization that enables business owners to retain some minority equity post closing
  • Typical deal transaction size: SME’s with minimum of $25mm - $200mm revenue. $1mm - $10mm EBITDA.  Minimum capital raise of $20mm
  • Developing optimal capitalization strategies aligned with revised shareholder/stakeholder objectives
  • Leveraging global relationships and resources to provide our clients with financial and strategic partners
  • Educating and supporting new equity recipients through the arduous and extensive institutional investor due diligence process
  • Assisting clients in structuring and negotiating the new investors definitive shareholder agreements and closing the transaction expeditiously
  • Providing merger and acquisition and representation services to existing shareholders/stakeholders to help in liquidity events and execute post-closing growth strategies
Turnaround Advisory
  • Addressing liquidity concerns
  • Stabilizing core operations
  • Pre- and post- bankruptcy advisory services
  • Revamping under-performing business models/plans
  • Reassessing financial projections/models
  • Developing/reviewing cost reduction initiatives
  • Implementing cash conservation guidelines and controls
  • Identifying and disposing of non-core assets
  • Planning and implementation of operational restructuring
  • Implementation of ongoing communication processes with key financial and stakeholder constituencies
Fund/Investor Representation
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive representative for qualified institutional investor groups(family offices, insurance companies, pension funds, endowment funds, PE Fund of Funds, and PE Co-Investors wanting access to the Latin American region
  • Catering to the investor's investment mandate and specific criteria in a buy-side transaction
  • Fully managing the in-country deal process using our proven methods and in-country advisors
  • Targeting active investor groups that are looking for direct involvement in transactions
  • Providing transparency and majority operating control for investor goals
  • Representation of Fly-in investors without in-country or local infrastructure