Strategic Corporate Consulting

Because of our extensive global network and in-region operational experience, AxeaGroup can provide small, medium, and large companies critical repositioning of market development objectives. Enterprises seeking to expand their presence and operations within our niche markets (North and Latin America) can now take advantage of the AxeaGroup’s operational expertise.

We can act as both advisors and principals on behalf of our clients to achieve their international growth objectives and enhance shareholder value with liquidity events.

By aligning both high-level and middle-management constituents in targeted family owned and operated private organizations, we can generate investor decision-making buy-in and critical technical interest in our clients' products and services to attract new private equity capital. Our ability to do this stems from our years of collective global business execution and strategy know-how as well as long-standing key business and regional relationships.

Services Include:

Business & Project Advisory

  • Performing feasibility studies, corporate assessments and opportunity evaluations
  • Supporting market entry and business developing initiatives
  • Providing post-transaction and M&A integration assistance
  • Providing interim and permanent executives and managers
  • Conducting independent business/project valuations
  • Supporting leadership and performance development initiatives


  • Developing and refining business strategies, business plans and financial models
  • Conducting independent review of strategic initiatives
  • Recommending organization, governance structures
  • Defining operational metrics to measure our clients progress and success
  • Partnering with our clients to assess and execute strategic growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and platform development

Performance Improvement Processes

Quite frequently, Sell-Side Mandate Assignments require extensive Performance Improvement – or to use industry lingo – “heavy lifting” prior to the company being recognized for its full value. Below is an overview of the AxeaGroup’s approach to the challenge of maximizing a liquidity event.

  • Phase I – Assessment, Analysis, Action Plan
  • Phase II – Implementation
  • Phase III – Results Monitoring & Accountability
  • Phase IV – Adjustments & Enhancements

Profit & Loss Statement Analysis

  • REVENUE – Marketing & Pricing Audits, Business Intelligence, and Strategy Assessment
  • COST OF GOODS SOLD – Purchasing/Procurement/Supply Chain Improvements
  • GROSS MARGIN – Benchmarking and Operational Metrics Comparison to Competitors
  • OPERATING EXPENSES – Work Process Flow/Logistics/Participative Management/Human Capital Assessment
  • EBITDA – Quarterly Performance Metrics Analysis


  • Human Capital Assessment – Silo Busting, Participative Management, Change Management, Executive Assessment and Coaching, Neuro- Linguistic Programming = Increased Productivity
  • Repositioning for Profit Enhancement & Productivity – Marketing & Pricing Audits = Top Line Revenue Growth, Organizational Chart Assessment = Realignment of Human Capital Resources, Participative and Change Management = Revamping of Work Flow Processes to New Organizational Chart
  • Hidden Opportunities –
    1. Employee Turnover Analysis/Retention = Lower Costs
    2. Customer Relationship Forums/Questionnaires/Feedback = More Sales
    3. Procurement/Purchasing/Supply Chain Audits And Recommendations = Lower Costs
    4. Margin Analysis by Products & Erosion Forecasting = Corrective Actions on Pricing
    5. Sales Win/Loss Ratio and Analysis = Better Margins
  • Value Creation Processes
    1. Asset Optimization Analysis = Increase ROA
    2. Sales Revenue Enhancement Policies = Increase Top Line Growth
    3. Cost Realignment to Industry Comparables = Lower Operating Costs + Higher EBITDA/Return to New Investors
  • Business Planning/Forecasting
    1. Yearly Operating And Capex Budgets = Reduce Surprises in Cash Flow Requirements
    2. Enhanced Sales Forecasting = Improved Operational Costs
  • Production and Manufacturing Management
    1. SWOT Analysis = Improve Profitability
  • Activity Based Accounting = Improved Margins
  • Inventory Management and Control
    1. Procedures and Controls Analysis = Eliminate Waste and Theft
    2. Minimum Just-In-Time Implementation = Reduce Working Capital
  • Cash Flow Forecasting & Reporting
    1. Report Formatting & Frequency = Improved Working Capital
    2. Investor Transparency = Improved Relations
  • IT/Data Integrity Assessment
    1. Reliability and Integrity of Daily Operating Information – Reliable Operational and Financial Data