About Us

AxeaGroup & Company, LLC is a Latin American focused private equity advisory firm dedicated to private equity transactions. We specialize in raising private equity capital and providing strategic operational and financial advisory services with a focus on stakeholder and shareholder value creation.

We have extensive senior-level transaction and operating experience in the U.S., international markets and in Latin America, enabling us to think global and act local.

The name Axea is the Greek word for value – our operating mantra.

About Our Clients


  • Family Offices
  • PE Fund of Funds
  • Institutional Investors (insurance companies, pension funds, endowment funds, Wall Street PE funds, etc.)
  • Traditional private equity firms and their related funds
  • Private Wealth Managers (UBS, CS, JP Morgan, etc.)
  • Washington DC based NGO debt constituents
    - OPIC – Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    - IDB – Inter-American Development Bank
    - IFC – International Finance Corporation
    - EXIM Bank – U.S.A.



  • Under-capitalized high growth family businesses requiring first time equity capital
  • Large family run conglomerates and related enterprises with inheritance and generational transition issues
  • Multinational and Latin American Pan Regional corporate spin-offs and divestitures
  • Pre-bankrupt, bankrupt, and highly distressed corporations
  • Select Private Equity portfolio companies
  • Disenfranchised Board of Directors and Majority Shareholders
  • Agitated Stakeholders
    - Banks
    - Bond Holders
    - Secured creditors

Our Engagement Process

Step 1 – Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Step 2 – Exchange of Company Information and submission of AxeaGroup “Request for Consideration”
Step 3 – AxeaGroup submits Engagement Proposal based upon assessment needs
Step 4 – Execute formal Engagement Mandate Agreement
   a. Mobilization Fee – Investment Memorandum, Valuation Report, Industry Analysis , Capital Structure
   b. Monthly Retainer – Fund Raising Process + Silent Auction
   c. Success Fee – Cash + equity warrants
Step 5 – AxeaGroup Due Diligence
Step 6 – Complete Investment Memorandum & Valuation Analysis
Step 7 – Fund Raising & Silent Auction Process
Step 8 – Initial Term Sheet
Step 9 – Investor Due Diligence
Step 10 – Investor Definitive Funding/Shareholder Agreements